[RC5] Team Warped "by Email" not working? (Was: Re: Whoops, no stats)

Peter Hugosson-Miller pehu at im.se
Fri Jan 2 09:56:25 EST 1998

Trevor Hemsley wrote:

>Now look at

Waaaah! I just did, and I'm not there! How come? I've submitted 773
blocks so far from my old home address (peterhu at ibm.net), and was
getting used to seeing my name in the main stats at around 16.500 in the
rankings, so I thought: here's a chance to find myself a bit higher up
on a smaller list.

But no sign of me! I've attached myself to team #112 (yes, I'm still
there - I just checked) soon after I started cracking blocks 40 days
ago. The question is: Which team is getting credit for my blocks if Team
Warped isn't? I'd hate to think I was helping the Windoze effort just
because the team mechanism isn't working properly!

Best regards,

Peter Hugosson-Miller

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