[RC5] DES 2 (in preparation of)

Ronald Van Iwaarden rrt0136 at ibm.net
Fri Jan 2 05:51:24 EST 1998

On Thu, 1 Jan 1998 19:57:12 -0800, Barry Nathan wrote:

>Roy Wilson <emperor at slic.com> wrote:
>>	This P/100 does a block in 36 minutes.  At best.
>DES needs less CPU to accomplish the same amount of work, so you'll either
>(a) do more blocks per day or (b) do bigger blocks per day. (Does anyone
>know if we're going to start with 2^28 blocks for DES II, or if we'll use

I would bet we would need larger blocks since 64 bit sparcs and SGI's would 
just rip through a block.  I think they were going through a 2^30 size block 
in a matter of a couple of minutes...

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