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Roy Wilson emperor at
Fri Jan 2 09:06:54 EST 1998

On Fri, 02 Jan 98 06:44:09 -0500, Skip Huffman wrote:

>On Wed, 31 Dec 97 15:12:51 -0500, Roy Wilson wrote:
>>	Check out the page full of complaints at that address -
>>it's NOT spam, it's lists these boneheads ASKED to be put on!
>Please do not over generalize.  I am on the mailing list and
>consider myself to be a bibliophile, not a bonehead.

	I'm on their mailing list too.  And, contrary to the
opinions of others here, I'm not a bonehead either.

	The boneheads are those with nothing better to do than
whine about a company sending them mail on a list they asked to
be on.  *IF* would *not* let you unsubscribe, or sold
their lists, I'd be all for annoying them until they fixed the

>The whiners are primarally complaining about whether the check box for
>"Add me to the mailing list" should by default be checked (as it
>currently is) or not checked.  Or in other words, they do not want to
>have to read and understand the whole form before placeing an order. 
>Personally I think that if you don't read and understand every form
>that you sign, you get what you deserve.

	Agreed.  The whole "boycott" is akin to whining that
your drive was formatted because you typed "format c:" and then
answered YES to the prompt.

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