[RC5] Team Warped "by Email" not working? (Was: Re: Whoops, no stats)

MiltonForté II mwf at ibm.net
Fri Jan 2 13:48:17 EST 1998

In <199801021235.HAA20562 at chipsworld.llamas.net>, on 01/02/98 
   at 07:35 AM, "Skip Huffman" <SHuffman at Atl.Carreker.Com> said:

>On Fri, 02 Jan 1998 09:56:25 +0100, Peter Hugosson-Miller wrote:

>>But no sign of me! I've attached myself to team #112 (yes, I'm still
>>there - I just checked) soon after I started cracking blocks 40 days
>>ago. The question is: Which team is getting credit for my blocks if Team
>>Warped isn't? I'd hate to think I was helping the Windoze effort just
>>because the team mechanism isn't working properly!

>I would not pay too much attention to that page if I were you, it looks
>pretty scrambled.  Go to the regular rc5.distributed.net page and look
>yourself up there.

Unless he is the person sending the scrambled blocks, then he should fix it
by updating his clients to the same level. 
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