[RC5] Stats web sever suggestion

Skip Huffman SHuffman at Atl.Carreker.Com
Fri Jan 2 14:03:04 EST 1998

On Fri, 02 Jan 98 12:45:11 -0600, Stephen Berg wrote:

>I've got bookmarks to the page for my stats and a few friends and
>Team Warped.  But I had to go in and change the bookmark so I could
>tell the difference between each bookmark since they all had "RC5-64
>Stats - Team Summary" which is what Netscape uses to list the link in
>it's bookmark list.  Shouldn't be too difficult to implement since
>the pages are dynamically generated anyway, right?

Why don't you just create URL objects?  You are using Warp 4.0, right?

All you need to do is right click on a portion of the web page without
graphics, drag it to the desktop and drop.  Now you can name the object
whatever you wish.

I never use bookmarks anymore, they are far too cumbersome.

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