[RC5] duhh...

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Fri Jan 2 17:47:28 EST 1998


I'm sorry, everybody. I was in the middle of reading the latest crop of 
stats complaints/ideas/crap (everybody wants to change the time it's 
down), and remembered that I needed to send a message to someone.  
"Moderation" referred to "everything in moderation"... it was pure 
coincidence that the subject of my off-topic message perfectly fit what I 
think this list needs most. ;)

Incidentally (and I don't speak for d.net, as I keep saying), but what 
would be the point of changing the downtime of the stats server? SOMEBODY 
is always going to get left out. Also, the donations from various sources 
are starting to build up, and it shouldn't be TOO long before they can 
afford to upgrade/replace the current machine so that there is NO 

Oh, one other thing. THANK YOU! You've all been much more controlled with 
your posting since my recent "FREAK". The list volume has been up alot 
today, but I imagine that's because people are coming back from their 
holiday vacations.

Happy New Year!

Seth Dillingham
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