[RC5] duhh...

George D. Nincehelser george at nishnabotna.com
Fri Jan 2 17:15:28 EST 1998

Seth Dillingham wrote:

> Incidentally (and I don't speak for d.net, as I keep saying), but what
> would be the point of changing the downtime of the stats server? SOMEBODY
> is always going to get left out. Also, the donations from various sources
> are starting to build up, and it shouldn't be TOO long before they can
> afford to upgrade/replace the current machine so that there is NO
> scheduled-daily-downtime.

The point would be that you want to keep the number of people "left out" to
a minimum.  As it now stands, the stats are unavailable to a very large
population during a very popular time period.

For a very strained analogy, it's like McDonald's closing down their kitchen
for cleaning at lunchtime.

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