[RC5] [ON TOPIC] Cedric's connection problem

steven at heimann.com.au steven at heimann.com.au
Sat Jan 3 21:56:42 EST 1998


As I mentioned earlier I also had this problem and worked around it by
setting up a personal proxy on the same machine as our proxy server
(seperate to the firewall).  This has saved any manual copying of buffer

When trying to set up our clients according to the "manual" I found our
proxy server would send data to the nominated keyserver but could not get a
response. I also tried someones suggestion of pointing the client at a
particular keyserver rather than a round-robin without success.   I suspect
the problem is either in the clients handling of the http conversion or in
the way the keyservers are responding.

What proxy server/firewall do you run?

Is my workaround feasible in your case?


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