[RC5] Stability of clients

steven at heimann.com.au steven at heimann.com.au
Sat Jan 3 22:35:34 EST 1998

I am running about 8 win32 GUI clients (1 on Win NT Server and the rest on
Win 95) and 1 Linux client.  The clients seem to hang after anything from
1/2 day to several days on both the Win32 and the Linux box

At first I was blaming the vagaries of M$ Windoze but the NT Server runs
other software and will stay up for weeks, I just seem to have to keep
restarting RC5.  The linux box is new but still the "bovine" client seems
to need to be periodicaly restarted.

I am running both the latest client and the one before. ( I think RC5604 &

I have tried manually selecting different CPU cores but this doesn't seem
to make any difference.

Some of our computers are left unattended for days to a week or so.  I
would like to have them contributing to the distributed effort but at the
moment they mostly do not because of this problem and I don't have the time
or inclination to keep touring around to see if they are still running.

This problem is losing around 50% of our potential block throughput.

Are others having similar problems?

Any suggestions?


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