[RC5] [ON TOPIC] Cedric's connection problem

Greg Wooledge wooledge at kellnet.com
Sat Jan 3 09:28:30 EST 1998

Cedric Tefft (cedric at earthling.net) wrote:

> Now, here's the tricky part:  When I throw the URL
> http://mirror.neosoft.com:2064/cgi-bin/rc5.cgi into Netscape (or IE for
> that matter) I get the message back from the HTTP proxy that there is no
> route to host exactly as you see in the packet capture above (nicely
> rendered in the browser window of course).  So, you say, it's not the
> client's fault; it must be your HTTP proxy!

Actually, you might want to consider that perhaps it's your firewall.
You say you've managed to successfully load web pages from ports such
as 8001, but perhaps ports in the 2000 range are being blocked in the
outgoing direction by the firewall.

If you can get shell access to the firewall (unlikely if you don't
administer it) then you could try to telnet to port 2064 of one of the
keyservers from the firewall box.  If you can't get shell access on the
firewall, you're probably out of luck.

Also, with the HTTP proxy, make sure you plug in the IP address
of one of the keyservers, rather than relying on the round-robin
rc5proxy.distributed.net alias.  This seems to clear up many problems
when using the HTTP proxy.

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