[RC5] Stability of clients

Greg Wooledge wooledge at kellnet.com
Sat Jan 3 09:32:56 EST 1998

steven at heimann.com.au (steven at heimann.com.au) wrote:

> I am running about 8 win32 GUI clients (1 on Win NT Server and the rest on
> Win 95) and 1 Linux client.  The clients seem to hang after anything from
> 1/2 day to several days on both the Win32 and the Linux box

On the Windows boxes I'd normally suspect the well-known 32k text box
limitation, but I think that's supposed to be fixed in the most recent
GUI clients.  I can't help much on Windows....

On the Linux box, you might try something like what I do (which is perhaps
overkill).  I have a wrapper script which checks for a running rc564
client, and aborts if it finds one.  If it doesn't abort, it runs the
rc564 client in an infinite loop (so that if it dumps core or something,
it'll be restarted immediately).  The wrapper script is called from my
crontab every 20 minutes, just in case the wrapper script itself gets
killed for any reason.  (Since I don't start the client at boot time, this
also makes sure it's restarted within 20 minutes of an unexpected reboot.)

Another possibility which I haven't explored might be to launch the
client directly from inittab with the :respawn: field.  I haven't ever
tried this, so don't blame me if it doesn't work. :-)

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