[RC5] Stability of clients

Karsten Schulz rc5-ml at t800.ping.de
Sat Jan 3 17:26:00 EST 1998

Hi Steven,

> I am running about 8 win32 GUI clients (1 on Win NT Server and the rest
> on Win 95) and 1 Linux client.  The clients seem to hang after anything
> from 1/2 day to several days on both the Win32 and the Linux box

I made the same experience. My solution is, that i configured each client  
to calculate 30 blocks and terminate. A self written program runs in the  
background and checks every minute if there is a bovine running. If not,  
it will restart the bovine client, which runs again for 30 blocks and so  
I wrote this monitor with Delphi and it works fine. Mail me, if you need  
more detailed programming information.


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