[RC5] Teams/stats should be set apart: perhaps register by email? (01/18)

Paul West paulw at premier1.net
Sat Jan 3 21:33:22 EST 1998

Robin Y. Millette wrote:

> I know that eventually, stats will be available 24/24,
> but for the moment, and even when the stat server will
> be up around the clock, I suggest a simple mechanism to
> let people register with teams, using email. An address
> could take care of the requests, expressed as a simple 
> message comprising the person's email and the team ID.
> Of only the name of the team is know, perhaps return a
> list of team ids if the message holds a team "string"...

I prefer the method originally used by the Cyberian Effort
when they were attempting RC5-56.

In addition to specifiying your Email id in the INI file,
one would also specify the team number. 

The main disadvantage of this method is that the clients 
would have to be modified.

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