[RC5] Use eyegive thru another registered user for more money (04/18)

Ben Efros karun at sprintmail.com
Sat Jan 3 23:52:06 EST 1998

I suggest we just register our current way.... under our own email addresses and stuff.....


Robin Y. Millette wrote:

> You should be proud of yourselves :)
> DCTI is raking around 10% of eyegive donations *hehe*
> To make this worth even more, I suggest you subscibe to eyegive thru another registered name, like this one for example:
> http://www.eyegive.com/html/ssi.cfm?CID=1098&email=millette@bigfoot.com
> The way I understand it, we can make more money if everyone is registered that way. Just my 0.02$ :)
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