[RC5] Announce: robo's team stats&graphs updated

Robert Dobozy robo at idata.sk
Sun Jan 4 12:53:57 EST 1998


to everybody who downloaded my team stats& graphs from ftp://ftp.idata.sk/

I want announce new versions of my team stats & graphs.
There was few bugs there in date functions. Now its corrected and it will
correctly handle year change + some new features:
in team stats:
+ computes individual&total rate 
+ supports multiple languages (currently Slovak and English). 

in team graphs:
+ If stats update time will change (hope not) from GMT 00:00, just by
  changing one parameter it will work correctly (I hope :-)
+ one parameter file from now
+ completely rewritten LR code
+ added prediction for position
+ user can choose amount of days from which LR is computed
+ make correct history even if You are in GMT+30 :) or GMT-6 timezone

See it at:
http://www.idata.sk/rc5/members.cgi (team stats)
http://www.idata.sk/rc5/hist.cgi    (team history & graphs)

Thanx for Your attention


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