REJECTED: Re: [RC5] CamPage anywhere? (03/18)

Seth Dillingham seth at
Sun Jan 4 20:21:51 EST 1998

kevin at (kevin at, on 1/4/98 8:06 PM, wrote the following:

>Madam, Sir,
>Due to the dramatically increasing number of unsolicited and spam
>mails I am getting in my mailbox, I am using an automatic mechanism
>to filter out such mail.
>Your message has been rejected by my despamming mail filter
>program. Either because: 
>    - you are a known spammer... (in which case you will probably not 
>				  even read this) 
>    - you are unknown to me... (most likely)

etc., etc....

truth is, I welcome this sort of email more than everyone's links to 
their webcams. I'm quite sure that whoever asked for the url's yesterday 
would have been perfectly happy to get them *privately*, and then post 
ONE announcement for the page which lists them all.

This is crazy.
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