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Jo Hermans Jo.Hermans at vub.ac.be
Mon Jan 5 13:01:35 EST 1998

At 03:15 PM 12/30/97 -0000, Gareth Young. wrote:
>On 30-Dec-97, Adam L. Beberg wrote:
>>   DCTI c/o David McNett
>>   125C 25th Ave NW
>>   Birmingham, AL 35215-3525
>Just a point of confusion for people in the UK:  /Which/ Birmingham?  What
>country?  USA, I assume?

This confused my bank manager too, when I tried to cash in the cheque for
RC5-56 :) : it only mentioned "Birmingham AL", not the country.

And I thought that Antwerp, Belgium, was the centre of the universe :) 

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