[RC5] [ADMIN] State of the distributed.net Address: Week of 12-28-97

Anthony Frost afrost at acorn.com
Mon Jan 5 12:23:27 EST 1998

 > > - know it is not an address in the format the UK uses?
 > >
 > >if you don't live in either country?
 >                                                                    UK
 > is six alternating letters and numbers with a space between the third
 > and fourth digit, eg 1A1 A1A.

Not even close I'm afraid. UK postcodes always start with one (London
only I believe) or (usually) two letters, generally derived from the
town where the major distribution centre for the district is located.
This is followed by one or two digits which represents a subdivision of
that area. After the space, the second group is always one digit
followed by two letters, these do not use the full range of available
characters but I can't find my validator to list what the valid bits

ObRelevantBit: Running 3 machines over the break, late crimble day or
early boxing day the machine with the shared filing system crashes so
none of them got to return blocks... :-(


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