[RC5] [ON TOPIC] Cedric's connection problem

Cedric Tefft cedric at earthling.net
Mon Jan 5 07:54:46 EST 1998

James Mastros wrote:
> > the 2000 port range.  Anybody know of a publicly accessable standard
> web
> > server living on a port in the 2000 range?
> For the time being (I.E. till I next reboot), you can get
> http://jennifer-unix.dyn.ml.org:2000/
> It should look like this:
>                  This Web Site is Under Lots of Construction!

I'm checking this here at home before I head off to work.  Looks like
James rebooted already.  Anybody ELSE know of a publicly accessable
standard web server running in the 2000 port range? (I need to hit it a
few times just as a test of my firewall).


- Cedric

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