[RC5] DES 2 (in preparation of)

Christopher Hodson (Consultant) cmh at fpk.hp.com
Mon Jan 5 11:48:00 EST 1998

Ronald Van Iwaarden wrote:
> I would bet we would need larger blocks since 64 bit sparcs and SGI's would
> just rip through a block.  I think they were going through a 2^30 size block
> in a matter of a couple of minutes...
I would suggest smaller blocks.  The faster client would simply need to
download more blocks, but if you are running a slower client, it would
be nice if it could report blocks in a timely manner.  That is, if a
286(or Mac SE, etc.) gets a hold of the winning key, we don't want it
holding on to the block for a week.
Christopher M. Hodson
System Admin (Consultant)
Hewlett Packard Engineering Services Group
cmh at fpk.hp.com
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