[RC5] how about self extracting clients?

SASAKI Taroh taroh at taroh.org
Tue Jan 6 05:23:09 EST 1998

happy decrypting,

	If this can be in time to the next dual client release,
	I have a small request about client distribution.

	For very very usual netter (not hacker), how about make
	the client distribution self-extracting style?  Also
	the default install directory (i.e.  c:\Program Files\rc5\
	for Win95) already specified would be better.

	I think for these people, it is important for them

	- to install easily, and
	- to forget :) after they install onto proper position.

	If this can be done, I think we can recruit thousands of
	Japanese people through email distributed PC/internet 
	magazine, or business newspapers.


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