[RC5] Put buffer error?

Brian Nelson btnelson at popi.net
Mon Jan 5 20:10:26 EST 1998

>From my log file

[01/06/98 00:47:55 GMT] Completed block 64C6AAED:90000000 (268435456
                        00:13:24.13 - [317765.15 keys/sec]
PutBuffer Error
[01/06/98 00:48:52 GMT] Block: 64C6AAED:60000000 ready for processing

If this causes a problem with data on your end, let me know.  I will
send a copy from my log file of all affected blocks.  The error appears
to have started
occurring when the large lightning storm came thru yesterday.

the error disappeared when I restarted the NT service.

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