[RC5] how about self extracting clients?

Lord Somnolent sleepy at os.com
Mon Jan 5 23:44:52 EST 1998

SASAKI Taroh wrote:
>         If this can be in time to the next dual client release,
>         I have a small request about client distribution.
>         For very very usual netter (not hacker), how about make
>         the client distribution self-extracting style?  Also
>         the default install directory (i.e.  c:\Program Files\rc5\
>         for Win95) already specified would be better.

And for each person who might benefit from this there are several
opposed to it. Right now each user has complete control over their
client installation, and if they need to uninstall it or otherwise do
something to it, they can because they were involved in the install
process. If you let a self-installing executable do the work, it leaves
some questions to be answered if it needs to be uninstalled: did this
thing leave files in other directories? What will be affected if this
program gets removed?

Grant you, many self-extracting EXEs provide for uninstall in some way.
But often times those uninstalls still leave files around. Also many
programs don't offer uninstall at all.

Many times I wished for just a single .ZIP file and installation
instructions instead of an install program because it provides better
system maintenance, and the .ZIP is smaller than the .EXE, meaning less
transfer times.
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