[RC5] [ON TOPIC] Cedric's connection problem

Jeff Lawson bovine at distributed.net
Mon Jan 5 23:32:48 EST 1998

At 05:59 PM 1/5/98 , Cedric Tefft wrote:
>Peter Bortas wrote:
>> Try http://peter.bortas.org:2000/. I'll keep that port open for at
>> least a couple of days.
>It worked from behind the firewall.  Back to the drawing board.

Client Build v2.6403.355 now allows the target host address (when using
http tunnelling) to be specified.  Previously, if http was used, the target
host port was forced to 2064.  For example this will allow you to have your
clients configured to use
"http://rc5proxy23.distributed.net:23/cgi-bin/rc5.cgi" for communications.
Binaries for the major platforms are still in the process of being compiled
and will be made available over the next few days.

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