[RC5] how about self extracting clients?

SASAKI Taroh taroh at taroh.org
Wed Jan 7 00:27:38 EST 1998


From: Lord Somnolent <sleepy at os.com>
Subject: Re: [RC5] how about self extracting clients?
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 1998 23:44:52 -0500

> >         For very very usual netter (not hacker), how about make
> >         the client distribution self-extracting style?  Also
> >         the default install directory (i.e.  c:\Program Files\rc5\
> >         for Win95) already specified would be better.

> If you let a self-installing executable do the work, it leaves
> some questions to be answered if it needs to be uninstalled: did this
> thing leave files in other directories? What will be affected if this
> program gets removed?

	I didn't mention about uninstalling; again, I claimed that
	to install (not uninstall) easily is important for very
	average PC users.  They may install applications and drivers,
	and install another progs, install and install..., forget even
	what they did, and the PCs gets older, simply buy new PC and
	do it again :).
	I think the Bovine client is not ``harmful,'' so if they'll
	not want to uninstall unless a version of it occurs serious

	Of course, easy instructions for uninstall should be prepared
	on web which is just next to the link to the ``easy installer,''
	which describe such as ``just open `c:/Program Files/' and drag
	`rc5' folder to the trash.''

> Many times I wished for just a single .ZIP file and installation
> instructions instead of an install program because it provides better
> system maintenance, and the .ZIP is smaller than the .EXE, meaning less
> transfer times.

	Many average Japanese PC users do not have unzippers; even
	they don't know what the .zip files are.  Again, I think
	we should think about recruiting ``average users'' or
	limit of recruiting newcomer will be soon there.

	For someone who want to download smaller file, how about
	prepare both self-extracting .exe file and simple .zip file?
	(I don't know much about the restrictions about codes of
	self-extracting part...).

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