[RC5] Reply-to-sender / Newsgroups

Ivo Janssen ivo at ricardis.tudelft.nl
Tue Jan 6 19:28:46 EST 1998

On Mon, 5 Jan 1998, Colin L. Hildinger wrote:

> On Mon, 05 Jan 1998 13:15:10 +0100, Jo Hermans wrote:
> >hile we're on the subject, can we change the reply-to on this list to the
> >original sender ? Then all replies go to the correct sender, and we're all
> >saved from the meaningless chatting ...
> I've seen this suggested a few times but it's really not a good idea. 
> The best idea is for people to learn to use their email programs (no

OF COURSE it's best for people to learn to user their email program,
but since a lot of people do NOT, I get too much crap in my rc5-box
that should have been sent to the owner, because it's of no use to
the average rc5-reader (me). 
I really think about leaving this list, because I don't have time to
spit through 30 emails a day about zip-code formats in Canada.

This list should be moderated.

We could start a newsgroup, so I can ignore whole threads by just one
click. I proposed this newsgroupthing before, because I think it has
more threading-capabilities than a mailinglist. To see coherence between
messages is easier, we could start say 3 groups, one technical group,
a stats-group and and an advocacy group.
Also, I could download only the headers, and decide on which message
to spoil my precious bandwidth.
The people who complain about spamming-possibilities (getting
emailadresses by lurking newsgroups): I don't say we should start a
usenet-supported main newsgroup, but a dedicated server would be
nice. Then the dangers of lurking are just as big as now, because a
badguy could subscribe to this list as well.

Again: Only advantages in my eyes. If it wasn't that I live in
Europe, and most  users are in the Stats, I would have started a
newsdeamon myself here. Anyone with a good machine in the states,
willing to host a newsserver????

O, I set up a majordomolist once, and the default was "reply to
sender". After complaints I changed it to "reply to list", like here.


Wow, this message was ON TOPIC, it didn't contain quotes three times
longer than the message itself, signed by "Me Too!", and it DOES need
to go to the list instead of a sender.

O, and NO signature, I know all signatures BY HEART now!. First
postings to the list: Add your sig and PGPkey, so people can
recognize you. After that: Just put your name, we know who you are.

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