[RC5] Reply-to-sender / Newsgroups

Toomas Aas toomas at raad.tartu.ee
Tue Jan 6 22:38:17 EST 1998

> From:          Ivo Janssen <ivo at ricardis.tudelft.nl>

> We could start a newsgroup, so I can ignore whole threads by just one
> click. I proposed this newsgroupthing before, because I think it has
> more threading-capabilities than a mailinglist. To see coherence between
> messages is easier, we could start say 3 groups, one technical group,
> a stats-group and and an advocacy group.

While this is *generally* a good idea, I'm afraid it has some of that 
infamous IRC-syndrome, which some people on this list were really 
unhappy about some days ago. While news is of course far more common 
than IRC, it is imho still not as common as e-mail and would leave 
some people out. I, for instance, am behind a firewall, and can not 
choose myself any newsserver I like (i.e. the one that would carry 
rc5 groups). IRC, OTOH, is just fine for me ;-) (don't kick me too 
hard now - I'm not suggesting replacing mailinglist with IRC)
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