[RC5] Client performance under OpenVMS

Rémi Guyomarch rguyom at mail.dotcom.fr
Tue Jan 6 23:14:25 EST 1998

Seth Dillingham wrote:
> Jo Holvoet (Jo.Holvoet at barclab.com), on 1/6/98 10:59 AM, wrote the
> following:
> >I recently installed a 2.6403 client on the following
> >machine :
> >
> >AlphaServer 1000A 5/333 MHz
> >OpenVMS 7.1
> >128 Mb of RAM
> >
> >Even at the best of times, I'm only checking something
> >like 215000 keys/sec while my Pentium 166/32 Mb can reach
> >225000 keys/sec.
> >
> >Is this normal or can I push some buttons and fiddle with
> >some knobs to improve the performance of the Alpha ?
> The simple answer is that YES, this is normal.
> Your main cause for concernt appears to be that the Pentium is running
> more keys than the Alpha. The alpha doesn't have the instructions on the
> chip that are needed for the client to run at it's fastest possible
> speed, and the Pentiums and PowerPC's do.

That's true, but there is another thing : the search routine of PPC &
x86 clients is written in assembly language and was carefully
hand-optimized to get optimum performance. Alpha clients use C code and
are by nature less optimized.

If you want a more optimized core, either with more tuned C code or with
assembly, point your favorite browser to the URL below, download the
source and play with it !

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