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Gareth Young. garethy at netcomuk.co.uk
Tue Jan 6 23:59:08 EST 1998

On 06-Jan-98, Ivo Janssen wrote:

>This list should be moderated.

Volunteers?  Not likely.  Moderation is not fun.

>We could start a newsgroup, so I can ignore whole threads by just one
>click. I proposed this newsgroupthing before, because I think it has
>more threading-capabilities than a mailinglist. To see coherence between
>messages is easier, we could start say 3 groups, one technical group,
>a stats-group and and an advocacy group.

That's once we have gone through the hideously painful task of preparing RFD's
and waiting for those and changing the Charter and then doing the RFD over and
over again in a high volume USENET config group and then finally getting to a
CFV... And possibly losing.  Although it is not likely.

>Also, I could download only the headers, and decide on which message
>to spoil my precious bandwidth.
>The people who complain about spamming-possibilities (getting
>emailadresses by lurking newsgroups): I don't say we should start a
>usenet-supported main newsgroup, but a dedicated server would be
>nice. Then the dangers of lurking are just as big as now, because a
>badguy could subscribe to this list as well.

And, unless the NG is moderated, the NG will get filled with even more useless
commercial spam than the irrelevant things we receive on the mailing list. 
Binary spams are not all too uncommon.

>O, and NO signature, I know all signatures BY HEART now!. First
>postings to the list: Add your sig and PGPkey, so people can
>recognize you. After that: Just put your name, we know who you are.

I honestly don't think 4 lines worth of signature is going to kill you.  4
lines is supposed to be the (Approximate anyhow) maximum for a signature. 
It's hardly going to take an additional ten minutes to download in todays age
of high speed 9600 BPS modems now is it?
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