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Matt Perry matt at primefactor.com
Tue Jan 6 19:50:17 EST 1998

On Tue, 6 Jan 1998, Gareth Young. wrote:

> That's once we have gone through the hideously painful task of preparing RFD's
> and waiting for those and changing the Charter and then doing the RFD over and
> over again in a high volume USENET config group and then finally getting to a
> CFV... And possibly losing.  Although it is not likely.


> And, unless the NG is moderated, the NG will get filled with even more useless
> commercial spam than the irrelevant things we receive on the mailing list. 
> Binary spams are not all too uncommon.

	No, no, no.  Not a newsgroup on USENET.  A newsgroup running off
of a news server on a dedicated machine.  You would still have to go to
the web pages to get the address of the news server and since it's not on
USENET with all of the other newsgroups, there is no more risk of spam
than there is here on this mailing list.

	The real problem, as someone pointed out before, is that those of
us who access the net behind a firewall might not not be able to access
news at all.  Some places have their own news servers and don't allow you
to make news connections through the firewall.  Email, however, is a much
more common thing and most places allow you to send and receive it in and

	A better solution would be to setup a newsgroup and then gateway
it to the mailing list.  I have seen this done with much success on a few
newsgroups on USENET already.  Any message posted to the mailing list also
appears on the newsgroup.  And any message posted to the newsgroup also
appears on the mailing list.

	This solution would, I think, work well for everyone.  I
personally would like to use the newsgroup since I can kill threads and
score articles in my newsreader.

	Hmm.  I've been meaning to learn about news.  I might take a shot
at setting up a server.

   /// .\\att...

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