[RC5] how about self extracting clients?

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Tue Jan 6 21:42:04 EST 1998

Hey, good news!!

The list has been changed to default responses to the sender, rather than 
the list. Yayyyy!

I had volunteered to moderate it, but this is better. :)


Greg Wooledge (wooledge at kellnet.com), on 1/6/98 9:25 PM, wrote the 

>The distributed.net response to the DES II challenge is being called
>Project Monarch, not Project Bovine.  In theory, you should be able to
>read about this project at http://www.distributed.net/des/ , but the
>web page seems to be temporarily unavailable.... :-(

Hey, this is sort of on topic, so I'll bite.

The project refers to the monarch butterfly. When the page is up, you'll 
find a picture of a Monarch butterfly there. It might actually be on the 
main d.net home page, but the whole site is down at the moment.

Perhaps it's the 'monarch' project, because the Monarch starts out as 
such as a small, well camoflaged caterpillar that feeds on milkweed (a 
VERY sour beverage indeed, like most of the commentary related to d.net 
on this list), but is magically transformed into a beautiful butterfly 
after a few days in a chrysalis.

Perhaps, perhaps it's Project Monarch because this is going to be 
Distributed.net's "maturing" process, the chrysalis that produces The New 

Then again, maybe somebody (Jeff? Adam?) just got tired of cows, and 
wanted something pretty.


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