[RC5] Stats script

Tom Marshall tommym at owt.com
Tue Jan 6 18:27:55 EST 1998

> > As many of you have noticed, my stats script broke with the new year.  I
> > expected to have it fixed earlier but I have been busy with Real Life
> > (tm).
> Hahahaha.....
> Not only a Year2000 problem, some programs even have a Year1998
> program! (after all, 3 times 666 equals)

The original code that I used relied on the proxy log filenames, which
contained only month and year until the most recent proxy release.

Just wait till 2000 ... the proxies do not include the century in the
logfile names *or* the log entries.  I suppose the year is still
unambiguous though, since we will probably be done before 2097.  ;-)

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