[RC5] The "My email doesn't pop up in the stats" problem

Ryan Dumperth ryand at iquest.net
Tue Jan 6 23:08:42 EST 1998

>Tim Charron (tcharron at interlog.com) wrote:
>> This is correct.  As well, CPU & OS information reflects the machine
>> that completed the block, not the machine that submitted it.
>Is this a recent change?  I've heard the exact opposite before.
>In particular, it was explained to me that there were no DOS machines in
>the OS stats table because the CPU/OS stats were taken from the machine
>which submitted the blocks, not the machine which cracked them; and
>since the DOS client has no networking code, it cannot submit blocks,
>and thus cannot appear in the OS stats.

>From the Readme.txt that accompanies clients.


97.11.25 Buffer files now retain information on cpu/os/build of client
         that cracked the block

>From cputypes.h that accompanied Rémi's core testing suite:

#define OS_UNKNOWN      0
#define OS_WIN32        1  // 95 + NT + win32
#define OS_DOSWIN16     2  // win31 + dos

>From http://rc5stats.distributed.net/oslist.html

DOS/Win16 (Win3.1)    212716

There is also a Win16 block count of 160287 which doesn't make sense to my
nearly-non-existant understanding of things, since there is no separate
Win16 #defined in cputypes.h; but it could be out of date, or some other
equally valid reason. Regardless, that information is preserved in all
buffers from current clients, and is showing up in the stats.

FWIF, I think the reply-to thing was better before. But whatever.

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