[RC5] DES 2 (in preparation of)

Mary Conner trif at serv.net
Wed Jan 7 00:53:28 EST 1998

> BTW, is the buffer really searched in LIFO order? Then there could be
> the problem of some blocks being buried by other blocks for a long
> time on some machines. For example I have a buffer of 80 blocks at
> home, my DX4 does about 30 a day and these 30 are normally flushed
> daily. Even when I don't flush for some reason, I have 'fuel' for
> another 1.5 days, so it happens very seldom that the complete buffer
> is exhausted.

The clients are indeed LIFO.  The lesson here is to not run with an
out-buffer smaller than your in-buffer, and if you manually flush
the client, let it exhaust the buffer occasionally.

> And the next (logical) question is, how do the perproxies handle their
> buffers? The proxy I set up at the institute has 800 blocks in it,
> but those are flushed very regulary. If the blocks are handled FIFO,
> they are processed at the moment inbetween 8 hours, if it is LIFO, I
> think I still have some blocks from November in there...

Personal proxies are FIFO (straight from the Cow's mouth).  No
risk of stale blocks there.

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