[RC5] WinNT Priority

Morten Torstensen Morten.Torstensen at ibm.no
Wed Jan 7 14:15:15 EST 1998

On Wed, 07 Jan 98 23:54:23 +1300, dan carter wrote:

>So how do i find the full priority of threads under winNT (or does NT
>really have only 4 priorities)?
>daniel carter 

NT has 16 different priorities and no classes like OS/2. At least that's 
what the instructor told me on the MS admin course. This rough schedueling 
is generally divided in four named priorities, low, normal, high and 
server(?) at something like pri 4,7,12,15 (from my memory, it might not be 
completely accurate).

In OS/2 you have idle, normal, high, and time critical with deltas within 
them from -31 to 32.

// Morten Torstensen
// IBM Global Services

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