[RC5] emailing logs and stats

Brian Wilson wilsonb at mindspring.net
Wed Jan 7 12:13:16 EST 1998

Okay, here's a question:

I'm running Win95 and Dunce at home, which means that my computer
goes online whenever a program makes a network request.  So MooCow
makes me dial, does a fetch 'n' flush, then drops.  Now.  I want
the client to email me, instead of all the logs, just a summary:
Blocks fetched, blocks flushed, overall keyrate.  (actually I want
it to page me, but that's another matter entirely and easy
enough to arrange)  So just a short summary instead of the big
ol' log list.  Is that a possible thing to have the client do?
I suppose it would require some sort of modifications, but 
really it would just pluck info out of the logfile, make it
look nice, and send it.  Just an idea.


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