[RC5] Re: Reply to: Changed

Mark Beeson mark at emerald.net
Wed Jan 7 10:51:04 EST 1998

Skip Huffman wrote:
> Possible, but difficult as "RC5 at LLAMAS.NET" is not referenced anywhere
> in the header.

And just what do you think the To: line is, chopped liver?

> Yes, that way rc5 at llamas.net is referenced in the header.  If I get a
> message that is "From:" you, and "Reply To:" you, how am I to know that
> it came from the RC5 mailing list?  The fact that it came from a
> mailing list, and which mailing list, needs to be clearly noted in the
> header.  The common way to do this is "Reply-To:".

I have Communicator filter RC5 messages 2 ways.  1) Grep for [RC5] in
the Subject: header, and 2) To: rc5 at llamas.net.  Hell, you could even
filter by checking for the existance of "unsubscribe rc5" in the body of
the message (appended to every message sent to the list).

To unsubcribe, send 'unsubscribe rc5' to majordomo at llamas.net
rc5-digest subscribers replace rc5 with rc5-digest

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