[RC5] Re: Reply to: Changed

Dan Sugalski sugalskd at osshe.edu
Wed Jan 7 11:05:37 EST 1998

At 12:24 PM 1/7/1998 -0500, Roy Wilson wrote:
>On Wed, 07 Jan 98 12:09:06 -0500, Skip Huffman wrote:
>>Yes, that way rc5 at llamas.net is referenced in the header.  If I get a
>>message that is "From:" you, and "Reply To:" you, how am I to know that
>>it came from the RC5 mailing list?  The fact that it came from a
>>mailing list, and which mailing list, needs to be clearly noted in the
>>header.  The common way to do this is "Reply-To:".  
>	Not only that, it completely destroyed my filters to
>move rc5-list messages to their own folder.

Some notice of the change would have been nice, though changing filters is
simple enough.

>	Putting both the From: and the ReplyTo: as the sender
>rather than the list address has got to be one of the STUPIDEST
>things I've ever seen done to a list.

It's not nearly as bad as having the reply-to set to the list. Ignoring the
whole problem of people stuck with busted mail systems that, with reply-to
set to the list, end up losing the e-mail address of the original sender,
it only takes one mis-programmed vacation auto-responder to kill a list dead.

Reply-to: set to the list address is a disaster waiting to happen.


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