Reply to: Changed, Was:Re: [RC5] how about self extracting clients?

Roy Wilson emperor at
Wed Jan 7 14:05:07 EST 1998

On Wed, 07 Jan 1998 10:43:54 -0700, Mark Beeson wrote:

>Skip Huffman wrote:
>> This makes it very difficult to respond to messages.  I have to hit
>> reply, then remember to click on the To: box and enter "RC5"  otherwise
>> I have sent a private email.
>Which is good, considering that between you and gindrup, the two of you
>generate at least 50% of the noise on the newsgroup.  (following up one
>of Nugget's posts with "Thank you" is really unnecessary, and you should
>think of how much of other people's time you wasted by sending that

	He cost us about 40% of the time you did with the above
pointless post that shouldn't have been in the list.

	I can't believe you guys.  You whine and screech about
everyone ELSE posting off topic, you get the ReplyTo: in the
list changed, and what do you do?  You post the same pointless
crap to the list ANYWAY.

	Hey, if you want to complain about the noise level in
the list, THINK before you post to it!

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