[RC5] emailing logs and stats

Greg Wooledge wooledge at kellnet.com
Wed Jan 7 20:48:11 EST 1998

Brian Wilson (wilsonb at mindspring.net) wrote:

> I want
> the client to email me, instead of all the logs, just a summary:
> Blocks fetched, blocks flushed, overall keyrate.

I don't think the d.net coders need to waste time on this level of
customization.  A more appropriate solution might be to have the client
send mail to an account on which you run a filtering program of some
sort (procmail, qmail, etc.).  The filtering program could rearrange
the information however you like, then pass the message into your normal
Inbox or to your real address, or whatever.

This gives you the most control possible, with the least amount of
feeping creaturism.  Admittedly, it has the downsides of requiring more
work on your part, and requiring that you have an account on *some*
machine *somewhere* which is capable of running "real" mail software
(Unix will certainly suffice).

> (actually I want
> it to page me, but that's another matter entirely and easy
> enough to arrange)

Again, I'd trigger the page from the account to which the log is mailed.

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