[RC5] Wow, I'm fast! (off topic)

Ray Vanlandingham solitaire at soliton.dyn.ml.org
Thu Jan 8 00:13:13 EST 1998

On 7 Jan 1998, Rask Ingemann Lambertsen wrote:
> Den 07-Jan-98 16:55:19 skrev Morten Torstensen følgende om "Re: [RC5] Wow, I'm fast! (off topic)":
> > Here in Norway we have:

yada yada yada...
> Same as in Denmark, which leads me to ask: What kind of "trillion" does the
> stats pages use, and more importantly, how big is such a "trillion"?

I assume the pages use the US standard, which is...

10^6  Million
10^9  Billion
10^12 Trillion
10^15 Quadrillion
10^18 Quintillion
10^21 Sextillion (I think)
10^24 Septillion
10^27 Octillion
10^30 Nonillion

and so on...


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