[RC5] counting roots

Dimitris Tsapakidis dimitris at alien.bt.co.uk
Thu Jan 8 19:59:22 EST 1998

>> Thinking about it, it probably comes from
>> the latin roots: megillion (million), gigillion (OK, billion, but I
>> don't know exactly how it got there), terrillion (trillion), etc.
> Don't think so.  Dunno where million came from, but the bi in billion,
> tri in trillion, etc. would appear to be of greek extraction.  The
> latin roots would explain "mega", "giga", "tera" (byte, Hertz, etc.)

Let me add to the confusion, by translating from Greek:
megas = big
gigas = giant
teras = monster

Any linguists out there, with an interest in distributed
computing? :)


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