[RC5] ENOUGH! - irc, mailing list archives, broken links

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Thu Jan 8 14:55:35 EST 1998

gindrup at okway.okstate.edu wrote:
>Ah.  Suddenly it's clear to me now.  The inner circle is tired of
>people claiming that it would be easier to post updates and
>information to the mailing list.  Thus, they've made it so much
>more unpleasant to use the mailing list that anyone who might have
>wanted to get such an announcement has as much difficulty doing so as
> using IRC.

I don't know why the inner circle would complain about this list.
They certainly don't make much use of it. What's it for if it's
not for us to jaw about stuff that comes to mind while thinking
about d.n? I mean really, clients, proxies, configurations and
so on. Those things are nice, but they are still just things that
we volunteers do together while thinking about d.n. They are not
things that inner-circle members do with us on this list. Perhaps
they complain because the archives are getting too big? I did
notice that they had ordered a new disk.

As far as the reply-to field is concerned, it doen't matter to them
'cause they don't REPLY to anything anyway. We do hear from nugget
every now and then, but not as a REPLY, and if it's something
official, it's on rc5-announce. So nugget gets to jaw with the
rest of us. We can't really exclude him from using the list just
because none of the other inner ones do. He's still just one of
us volunteers, kinda. I don't object to his rants any more than I
object to anyone else's. He's mostly like us. He just wants the
list to be quiet so that when he rants, his message gets noticed,
rather than lost in the noise. He's just like us in that respect.

> Next, the web site will have passwords and only be viewable with
> some nasty plug-in that won't be widely distributed.

Or the plug-in only runs under win-32!

I wonder about the irc link on the web page. It says:

	"Java IRC has been temporarily been made
	 unavailable due to abuse of irc client."

How does someone abuse a client? The same way that they abuse a
mailing list, by ignoring it! So far, every time I've tried
to use the client, it hasn't worked. Perhaps I should be
ignoring it. I guess that's fair. They ignore us here(mostly),
I'll ignore them there(mostly).

> Subject: [RC5] ENOUGH!
> Author:  David McNett <nugget at slacker.com>  at SMTP
> Date:    1998/01/07 14:36
> Each and every one of you has had to WORK in order to annoy the
> thousands of patient list lurkers with this useless diatribe by
> manually changing the "to" line of your reply.

Not really, with decent software you can do it in a one step
process, as a filter, or as a separate menu selection that
pops up when I click the REPLY button.

> If you have a problem with the current mailing list configuration, I
> suggest you contact the mailing list admin or one of the
> distributed.net coordinators rather than addressing the issue
> in public (and off-topic) postings to the list.

Hee, hee I had to giggle when I first saw this, now I giggle some
more. Contact one of the d.n coordinators! Hah! What a suggestion.
I've contacted more than my fair share of the admins and coords
of this project.

First pun: The problem is, they never push that now infamous
"REPLY" button! Hehehehehaha,

	my belly is getting sore,
	my co-workers are peeking
	at the edge of my office door...

Next pun: Nugget my dear, _you_ ARE one of the coordinators.
Not so funny.

Consider yourself contacted.

Now that I've got your ear, why am I contacting you?
Ohhh lessee,

How about setting up the mailing list archives for January 1998?

On the page: ah, the server is not responding, whatever page the
DES project is uh, documented, the link to the announcement is

Is that enough for my obligatory on-topic content? I actually
got three(or more) on topic parcels into one post as a REPLY to
something completely different.

Wow, I must have had a _good_ vacation.

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