[RC5] thanks to all the coordinators

Brian Wilson wilsonb at mindspring.net
Thu Jan 8 17:58:18 EST 1998

I just wanted to take this time to give a big thumbs-up and
'thank you' to all the folks who've made distributed.net
possible.  Without you, Cyberian would be at 30% of the
RC5-56 and chugging along mightily, and our systems would
be wasting time and (most likely) turned off.  The effort
has come about largely because of your imagination and
dedication to this voluneer task.  I'm proud to be part
of such a diverse and powerful organization, a group of
intelligent people brought together by an imaginitive and
worthwhile goal.  Bovine kicks ass, as always, and it's
great to be a part of it.

Thanks to /\/ugget and the rest of the gang... a big MOO
to you all.


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