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Andreas Aemissegger aae at bluewin.ch
Fri Jan 9 00:20:34 EST 1998

From: wshull at s-c.org (Wes Shull)
Date: 08.01.98, 13:33:23


> The latin roots
> would explain "mega", "giga", "tera" (byte, Hertz, etc.)

Mostly Greek roots, not Latin. Especially those expressions you list. To
avoid any "And what about [insert your favourite prefix here]?", I try to
list every possible prefix. IIRC There are no prefixes above 10^{24} or
below 10^{-24} at the moment.

prefix   symbol   10^   derived from   language   meaning
yocto      y      -24   okto           Greek      eight
zepto      z      -21   sept           Greek      seven
atto       a      -18   atten          Norwegian  eighteen
femto      f      -15   femten         Norwegian  fifteen
pico       p      -12   piccolo        Italian*   small
nano       n      - 9   nanos          Greek      dwarf
micro      u**    - 6   micros         Greek      small
milli      m      - 3   mille          Latin      a thousand
centi      c      - 2   centimus       Latin      hundredth
deci       d      - 1   decimus        Latin      tenth
deka       da (D)   1   deka           Greek      ten
hecto      h        2   hekaton        Greek      one hundred
kilo       k        3   chiliakis      Greek      a thousand times
mega       M        6   megas          Greek      big
giga       G        9   gigas          Greek      giant
tera       T       12   teras          Greek      monster
peta       P       15   penta          Greek      five
exa        E       18   hexa           Greek      six
zetta      Z       21   sette          Italian    seven
yotta      Y       24   otto           Italian    eight

*  Not sure here. There's a "pico" in Spanish
** The Greek letter "mu"

Ok, my Greek is terribly rusty and I'm no etymologist (sp?), but the list
should be more or less correct. And yes, I know I'm completely OT although
I'm not the only one I guess :-)

aae at bluewin.ch
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