[RC5] ENOUGH! - irc, mailing list archives, broken links

Jeff Lawson jlawson at hmc.edu
Thu Jan 8 16:17:41 EST 1998

At 12:55 PM 1/8/98 , Marc Sissom wrote:
>I wonder about the irc link on the web page. It says:
>	"Java IRC has been temporarily been made
>	unavailable due to abuse of irc client."
>How does someone abuse a client? The same way that they abuse a
>mailing list, by ignoring it! So far, every time I've tried
>to use the client, it hasn't worked. Perhaps I should be
>ignoring it. I guess that's fair. They ignore us here(mostly),
>I'll ignore them there(mostly).

Unknown people were using the irc redirection port (that is utilized by the
java client for network communications) as a means on anonymously harassing
other people on irc (not in #rc5).  Administrators at iit.edu (where
www.distributed.net is hosted) were notified by another ISP of the abuse
and they responded by forcing the irc redirector port (and thus the java
irc client) to be taken offline, and then at one point the entire server. 
An improved port redirector to restrict use of the port to #rc5 is being
implemented, at which point javairc service will be restored.

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