[RC5] DES 2 (in preparation of)

Colin L. Hildinger colin at ionet.net
Thu Jan 8 18:43:16 EST 1998

Yeah, I understand that, but even if they just waited until we'd
finished the next prefixe it wouldn't be that big of a deal.  It would
still mean that said blocks were distributed several months in the past
until we get a keyrate several times what we have right now.

On Wed, 7 Jan 1998 22:33:28 -0800 (PST), Mary Conner wrote:

>On Wed, 7 Jan 1998, Colin L. Hildinger wrote:
>> Well, the keyspace is so large that by the time they start
>> redistributing the 0x64 blocks the number that will be out there will
>> be very tiny to say the least.  I mean, it's almost all distributed now
>> I'd wager, but how long before they start re-sending?  They might as
>> well keep distributing only new keyblocks until they've all been
>> distributed once.  At that point the 0x64 ones would have been
>> distributed years in the past.
>Er, no, that's not what is going to happen.  Compute the space to
>hold the databases for 2^36 keyblocks.  The 0x64 subspace is held
>in two 32MB databases, and for speed's sake, it's best if those
>can be held in memory.  There's no way they can do this with the
>entire keyspace.  For efficiency's sake, they want to put the 0x64
>keyspace to bed, and have it completely done so that it can all
>be put out on mass off-line storage.

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