[RC5] Re: Reply to: Changed

Matt Perry matt at primefactor.com
Thu Jan 8 23:40:15 EST 1998

On 9 Jan 1998, Rask Ingemann Lambertsen wrote:

> Den 08-Jan-98 05:44:48 skrev Colin L. Hildinger følgende om "Re: [RC5] Re: Reply to: Changed":
> > OK, explain this statement.  Does your mail reader have a setting that
> > makes it reply to only the "To:" header?  I've never seen one that
> > does.
> I get a requester asking me which address (From: or Reply-To:) I want to reply
> to.

That would be great if we HAD a Reply-To: field but we don't anymore! He
was talking about replying to the To: field.  That's the only thing in the
messages now that contains the address of the mailing list.

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