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Skip Huffman SHuffman at Atl.Carreker.Com
Fri Jan 9 07:11:04 EST 1998

On 09 Jan 98 09:20:56 +0000, SCRUTE.UK.ORACLE.COM wrote:

>Sometimes I suspect that the "powers that be" must be thinking, "what the 
>hell, whatever we do someone's going to complain." 

Have you ever been in charge of any organization with more than ten
people?  What you have said is a truism in almost any group.  Basically
you can't please everybody.  

One thing to keep in mind in these situations is the human mindset for
"me too"ism, especially where the situation in question is undesired. 
That is a little unclear, let me explain a little better.  

Imagine a society where most people are generally pretty happy.  Some
people are less happy than others, everybody has at least some minor
concern to bitch about, and a few people are really upset. (Personally
I think that this describes most human cultures, large and small.)  

Now imagine that one or a few of the really upset ones starts howling
about what ever it is that is making them mad. Some of the less
discontented ones are going to start howling too, but most of the
people, who are generally happy, are just going to shun the
complainers.  They are going to assume that everything is going to
continue as it has been.

On the other hand, if the howler starts howling about one of the little
things that is bugging everybody, then the more contented ones are
going to start grumbling amongst themselves about how: 1) "Isn't that
person rude" and 2) "but he has a point".  The ones that would have
joined the howler's chorus instead join in with the general complaining
about the situation, but probably defend the howler a bit more than the
others.  This situation looks quieter than the first one, but is much
more indicative of a real problem.

Unfortunately it is sometimes the squeaky wheel that gets the grease,
so the wrong problems get fixed. Often creating new problems, or just
not fixing the ones that are bothering the society as a whole.

Anyway enough orating for now.

Skip Huffman, Carreker-Antinori
Atlanta Office, Quality Group    

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