[RC5] Running on multiprocessor systems

Toomas Aas toomas at raad.tartu.ee
Fri Jan 9 15:22:45 EST 1998

> Am I configuring the ini files correctly for the multiple processor
> machine. I didn't see anything in the FAQ or the readme's, so I though I'd
> ask here.

Before you read any further, please notice that I am not a programmer 
and therefore I am just guessing:

 Generally, the canonical way to utilize multiprocessor boxes has 
been simply to start one instance of client per cpu, each configured 
for one cpu. However, things _may_ be different in latest builds, 
because build 320 seems to autodetect the number of cpus when 
started. Since I have no multi cpu boxes at hand myself, I can't say 
if >1 cpus are detected correctly or if one cracking thread per cpu 
is started.

But I would think that the old "number of clients = number of cpus" 
rule is still applicable. 

P.S. I don't find it difficult at all to type 'rc5 at llamas.net' 
manually. Kick me :-)

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